Are you cut from the same cloth as us?

Together, we are transforming an entire industry

Every day, billions of individual parts are assembled into modern machines and products. For example, your device, with which you are currently visiting our website, consists of approximately 1000 components. However, to procure all these parts, companies often undergo a very lengthy process fraught with obstacles. We are here to make these companies and their end customers happier. 

Facturee team works together

With the help of our services and a huge network of manufacturing partners, companies obtain the individual parts for their machines or products - effortlessly, as quickly as possible, and always in the desired quality. Our departments work hand in hand to take care of the entire process - from the offer to the feasibility analysis to the delivery.

With our efficient approach, the manufacturing industry is finally entering a new, digital age. Would you like to be a part of this transformation of the world's fourth-largest industry and drive it forward?

Facturee CEO Moritz König

Our values

Team Spirit

To us, success is always a team effort. That's why each person gives their best to master every project together. Mutual trust and loyalty are at the heart of everything we do.


We highly value open and transparent communication. The multitude of ideas and feedback from our team members has brought us to where we are today.


We greatly appreciate the contribution of ideas and initiatives from our team members. We encourage this commitment through joint and individual development opportunities.

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What our colleagues say

Novella Chinelli
joined FACTUREE in 2021

Working on an equal footing

»My (team) mates contribute to the fact that I enjoy spending my time in the office. The helpfulness and tolerance of everyone make you feel safe and supported. The relaxed attitude fosters the development of new ideas. It's the perfect atmosphere for tackling any challenge and making things happen.«
Dennis Brittner
joined FACTUREE in 2022

Individual contribution

»I appreciate the freedom given and the opportunities for personal development. At FACTUREE, I can get involved and develop both personally and professionally. The input I give and my own commitment never go unnoticed here.«
Mario Sussmann
joined FACTUREE in 2024

Appreciative corporate culture

»What fundamentally sets FACTUREE apart from many other employers is the open and respectful corporate culture. Here, it's not just a phrase but a solid and supporting pillar. All team members are free to express their thoughts and ideas and are involved in decisions and improvements.«

Welcome to our home

This is our open-plan office
The historic Osramhöfe are our home
This is our logistics area
Here, we discuss common topics
Here, we enjoy our lunch together
A typical workplace with an adjustable desk
We have the “Cave” for informal meetings
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How to join our team


We look forward to receiving your resume. If you like, please also write a few sentences about why the position appeals to you. Once you have submitted your documents, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. You will receive feedback on your application within a maximum of 14 days.


If we have gained a positive impression from reviewing your documents, we will send you an invitation to our first joint interview with our HR department. This will take place virtually for 60 minutes.

You will receive feedback within about 7 days and, if there is mutual interest, an invitation to the second interview with representatives from your future team. In about 2 hours, you will then get to know FACTUREE personally.


Within a week after the second joint interview, we will provide you with feedback and, ideally, extend our offer to you. 

The contracts will then be ready for signature. Onboarding starts with your first day in our team.

Your contact at FACTUREE

Facturee Richard Schentke

The diverse mix of different specialist areas, professional experiences, personalities, and backgrounds makes the FACTUREE team successful. Every new member enriches our culture and the company. Would you like to become part of this unique team?

Richard Schentke
Head of HR