Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Our goal is to bring the speed of the digital world into manufacturing. Therefore, from the inquiry via our contact form to the receipt of the invoice, communication with our customers is exclusively digital throughout the entire manufacturing process.

No, we do not manufacture ourselves. However, we have a large network of manufacturing partners who do this for us. Therefore, we can always offer free capacities, ensure short delivery times, and find the right manufacturer even for sophisticated projects.

No, you will not contact the production company. cwmk GmbH is the sole contact and contractual partner during the entire process, which simplifies the communication for you.

cwmk GmbH is the underlying legal entity of FACTUREE, and your sole contractual partner. FACTUREE® is a registered trademark of cwmk GmbH.

When an order is placed, your production data - exclusively anonymized - is shared with the production partner who is selected for the production.

We maintain strict non-disclosure agreements with all our manufacturing partners and employees. We also maintain confidentiality agreements with a variety of customers. Furthermore, we will happily send you our sample NDA at any time if requested. Further information on data protection can be found in our Privacy statement.

Our manufacturing partners are subjected to a continuous and strict quality control. Companies who do not meet our high quality standards are rigorously removed from our network.

Simply use our convenient inquiry form. There you can simply upload the 3D data (.stp/.step) of your parts along with the technical drawings, materials and desired delivery date or product class.

Of course, you can also get a quote with technical drawings only. Simply e-mail us to

We offer all common steels, aluminum alloys, numerous copper and titanium alloys as well as a variety of plastics. You will find a detailed overview of the materials offered in our material overview or in our inquiry form.

We offer all common surface treatments such as (hard) anodizing, burnishing, (plasma) nitriding, galvanizing, nickel plating, various hardening processes and laser engraving. An overview of all offered techniques can be found at Surface treatments.

The delivery time for our Optimum product class is usually 9-12 working days (larger quantities and complex parts may take longer). In the Economy category, the delivery time is at least 20 working days, but your foresighted planning and patience will pay off. Greater flexibility in delivery time gives us access to a wider range of manufacturing partners in our pool, resulting in lower competitive prices that we pass on directly to our customers. 

No, we do not manufacture ourselves, since it involves a great deal of effort to send provided materials to our manufacturing partners. We generally do not work with provided materials or parts to be re-machined.

We do our best to ensure that there are no complaints in the first place. If you are still not satisfied with the quality of the delivered parts, contact your personal account manager and describe your issue. We will make sure to find a fast and uncomplicated solution to your problem.

We are always striving to expand our large network even further. Information on how to become a manufacturing partner can be found under Manufacturing partners.