Diverse commitment

Equal opportunities and respect for one another are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. For us, taking on social responsibility is therefore both a heartfelt concers and a matter of course. This page presents various projects and institutions from the fields of environmental protection, culture, education and social participation that FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer supports.

Climate action: Das Klimaprojekt Xenamnoy 1 in Laos

Xenamnoy 1

FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer has been compensating for all CO2 emissions generated by shipping since 2017 by purchasing certificates from our partner South Pole and is thus committed to the preservation of the climate and a future worth living for future generations.

In 2019 alone, we purchased a total of 1,128 certificates generated by the Xenamnoy Hydropower Plant Project in Laos.

1,128 certificates are equivalent to offsetting 1,128 tons of CO2 - which not only offsets the emissions generated by our shipments. In fact, they are significantly overcompensated for.

learn more about the project Xenamnoy 1

Climate Conscious by South Pole

Gender equality: Girls' Day - Girls' Future Day

There is still significant gender inequality in technical occupations. In the case of training occupations, CNC machining is one of the most unequally distributed occupational fields with a male share of 95%, and the share of female students in classical engineering studies is currently only just over 20%.  (Source: German Federal Statistical Office 2016)

We welcome young girls who are interested in technical professions and are happy to support this cause. FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer therefore took part in the Girls' Day - Girls' Future Day 2019 and was able to welcome two inquisitive schoolgirls from the 9th grade of the Otto-Nagel-Gymnasium in Berlin-Biesdorf on 28 March to give them a first insight into an exciting and promising vocational field.

Letter of thanks from the Berlin Minister for Health, Care and Equality to FACTUREE. (PDF)


Girls' Day - Wir machen mit!

Technology and university funding: RUB Motorsport e.V. - The Formula Student Team of the Ruhr University Bochum

Racing car RUB 18
Racing car RUB 18 - © Formula Student Germany - Hajek

This year FACTUREE - The Online Manufacturer is again supporting the team of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum as a premium sponsor at the international construction competition Formula Student.

In this competition, students from all over the world who are enthusiastic about technology design and construct their own racing cars in order to compete with other teams at events such as Formula Student Germany.

The RUB Motorsport team currently consists of 40 students from various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, computational engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and economics. Last year, the RUB18 racing car won trophies in two disciplines.


Culture promotion: Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin

FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer is an official sponsor of the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin.

The multiple award-winning Gorki (e.g. Theater of the Year in the season 13/14) is not only the smallest state theatre in Berlin, but has always played a special role among them. Always courageous and consistently multicultural, "post migrant" in its self-description, Gorki is able, like hardly any other venue, to bring the great political themes of the world to the stage just as skillfully as to process the individual biographies of the actors publicly with psychopathological precision.

With its diverse ensemble and its self-image as a constant source of social impetus, Gorki stands like no other theater for diversity and progress, values that we live by every day.


Front view of the Maxim Gorki Theater
Maxim Gorki Theater