Fewer emissions and abundant clean energy: FACTUREE supports biogas project in Thailand

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Online Manufacturer makes significant contribution to climate protection and creates jobs in Nakhon Province by purchasing CO2 certificates

Fewer emissions and abundant clean energy: FACTUREE supports biogas project in Thailand

Berlin, 15 September 2022 – In Thailand, the production of manioc starch in biogas plants causes large quantities of wastewater, releasing methane into the atmosphere. The Nakhon biogas project from South Pole, developer of international climate protection projects, reduces the emissions and allows for sustainable generation of electricity from wastewater biogas. Online Manufacturer FACTUREE (www.facturee.de) supports this environmental project and assumes ecological responsibility by buying CO2 certificates. The company thus makes a significant contribution to reducing emissions, treating water, creating jobs and supporting educational activities in Nakhon Province.

Biogas is an important addition to wind and sunlight as renewable energy sources. Formerly, wastewater from biogas plants in Nakhon Province was treated in open lagoons. This process resulted in the constant release of methane and a high level of environmental pollution. A climate project finally made a real difference to the situation.

Emission reduction and generation of clean energy

With the Nakhon biogas project, certified with the recognized Gold Standard (Emission Reduction Project Development Standards (southpole.com)), South Pole has developed and implemented a climate protection strategy involving a closed anaerobic lagoon system installed in Nakhon that captures methane emissions and uses them to generate clean energy.

South Pole develops and implements holistic strategies for reducing emissions. The company’s various projects transform climate protection to long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organizations throughout the world. In addition to reducing emissions, South Pole projects create social and ecological added value – especially for less privileged societies that are threatened by climate change.

Online Manufacturer FACTUREE, a brand of cwmk GmbH, focusses its activities not only on quality but also on sustainability and climate protection and regularly supports relevant projects – including the Nakhon biogas project.

Benjamin Schwab, co-founder and CMO of FACTUREE, explains: “Biogas plants are an important part of energy transition. But they can also be counterproductive if methane escapes into the atmosphere in an uncontrolled way. The Nakhon biogas project solves this problem, considerably improving the local air and water quality in Thailand. By purchasing CO2 certificates from South Pole, we support these developments.”

Generating large water resources

The Nakhon biogas project prevents the emission of powerful greenhouse gases and significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels. The treated water is used in Nakhon Province to irrigate nearby fields, among other things. 

Benjamin Schwab says, “Every year, an average of 850,000 cubic meters of wastewater can be treated in the Nakhon project to become a clean water resource. This also benefits fish farming, boosting the economy in the region. The project thus creates jobs for the local population. Various educational activities and social programs are also supported. The entire endeavor is in line with our understanding of ecological, social and economic responsibility, so we are happy to make our contribution here.”

FACTUREE has voluntarily offset its CO2 emissions by purchasing CO2 certificates since the company came into existence. The Online Manufacturer thus promotes sustainability not only with its progressive business model for modern procurement, but also through values such as consistency, environmental awareness and social commitment.

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