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Prototypes to large series

Wide range of materials


Always free capacities

Competitive prizes

within 48h

CNC-machined, sheet metal,
and 3D-printed parts

– incl. surface treatments

offer period 10 hours

Manufacturing partners > 1000

Available machines > 8000

FACTUREE provides you with state-of-the-art procurement of parts.

As an Online Manufacturer with a large network of manufacturing partners, we have access to an almost unlimited number of machines for the production of CNC-machined, sheet metal and 3D-printed parts. Thus we always have free capacities and secure supply chains for your projects - from prototype to large-batch production.

In addition to the broadest manufacturing spectrum on the market, you benefit from individual offers, short delivery times and competitive prices.

Let us convince you and request a free quote via our easy online inquiry.

CNC machining (milling)


  • Permanently short delivery times
  • Same-day quote in most cases.
  • Quick response to questions.
  • Free Europe-wide express shipping.


  • CNC-machined, sheet metal, and 3D-printed parts – incl. surface treatments
  • Prototyping, small and large scale production.
  • Largest material selection on the market.
  • Everything from one source.


  • Always free capacities due to numerous production partners.
  • Competitive prices through intelligent supplier selection
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Personal account manager.

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How Online Manufacturing at FACTUREE works


  • Easy upload of your 3D models and drawings
  • Inquiries also possible by email
  • Telephone customer service

Quoting process

  • Same-day express-offer in most cases
  • Two-stage technical feasibility check
  • Flexible offer optimization regarding price or delivery time

Order placement

  • More than 1000 manufacturing partners and 8000 machines
  • AI-backed selection of the best possible manufacturer
  • FACTUREE is the sole contracting party


  • Wide production range
  • Largest material selection on the market
  • Data-driven quality management


  • Delivery already possible after 9-12 working days
  • Free Europe-wide express shipping
  • 100% carbon-neutral shipping

Find out more about the advantages of Online Manufacturing and how you can benefit from it in our latest white paper
The future of parts procurement

The wide service range of FACTUREE

A colourful bouquet of milling heads for use in CNC machining
  • Mechanical finishes
    • Grinding & polishing
    • Sandblasting & glass bead blasting
    • Engraving
  • Heat treatments
    • Gas nitriding
    • Plasma nitriding
    • Hardening
  • Electroplating
    • Black finishing
    • Anodizing
    • Galvanizing (zinc plating)
    • Passivating
  • Steel (over 50 different grades)
    • Structural steels, tool steels, stainless steels, nitriding steels
    • etc.
  • Aluminum alloys
    • 10xx, 20xx, 50xx, 60xx, 70xx
    • etc.
  • Other metals
    • Copper, bronze, brass, titanium
    • etc.
  • Plastics (over 40 different types)
    • POM, Teflon, PEEK, PC, PVC, HDPE, PA
    • etc.

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