FACTUREE champions component production and surface finishing from a single source

How buyers can save a lot of time, costs and effort with integrated processes 

FACTUREE champions component production and surface finishing from a single source

Berlin, 30. April 2024 – In procurement, it is common practice that the production of components is commissioned from one supplier and the surface treatment is entrusted to another service provider. This process often overlooks the fact that there are manufacturers who offer not only machining but also surface treatment on one place – and can therefore supply the fully machined product. The Online Manufacturer FACTUREE (www.facturee.de) recommends the complete processing of drawing parts from a single source – an integrative approach that not only saves costs and effort on the part of purchasers, but also guarantees high quality.

Today's markets are faster and more volatile than ever before. Speed in procurement can offer a decisive competitive advantage to better meet customer needs, bring innovative products to market faster and differentiate yourself from the competition, for example. It is therefore important to minimize risks and slowdowns.

An all-in-one solution speeds up processes and closes gaps in quality

"Many companies are used to having parts manufactured first and then sending them to electroplating companies or surface coaters. This is inefficient. Transporting the parts costs time and money, while communication between different partners can lead to misunderstandings and quality problems," explains Lukas Schlicker, Co-Founder and CPO of FACTUREE.

With two suppliers, more paths are created – especially if there are defects or irregularities in the component. This is because these things often only become visible during surface treatment. "At that point, the parts have to be sent back. With complete machining from a single source, defective areas can be corrected immediately, or the part can be remanufactured. This avoids unnecessary complaints and saves the customer a considerable amount of time. They simply receive the finished product," says Lukas Schlicker and continues: "Even in the case of tight tolerances, there are disadvantages to having the surface treatment carried out by a separate supplier. The interaction of tight fits and anodizing is a typical example, as there is a risk here that the fit no longer meets the tolerance specifications after anodizing, making a further processing step necessary. An all-in-one provider can rework this directly so that the tolerance and fit are maintained."

With its procurement model, FACTUREE has a network of around 2,000 manufacturing partners from almost all areas, such as CNC machining, sheet metal processing, 3D printing, casting and forging processes as well as common additional treatments from surface technology and hardening processes. This enables FACTUREE to have almost all common surface treatments carried out by full-service providers directly after machining in a single process. The company also cooperates with specialized electroplating companies, for example, in order to offer techniques that are less in demand. This also has the advantage that most electroplating companies have minimum order quantities. As FACTUREE has a high order volume with the manufacturers, these are met and parts can be anodized for an attractive price, for example.

All surface coatings are possible

Lukas Schlicker says: "We are the sole contractual partner for our customers and take responsibility for the flawless quality of the production and surface treatments. We can also test sample parts in advance of the finishing process. This allows us to precisely match the color tone, gloss, and structure. The appearance of products can therefore be matched to the requirements."

FACTUREE therefore finds a tailor-made solution for every requirement. Every industry has its specifics, and these are taken into account. "There is almost no surface treatment that we cannot offer. Thanks to our large network of manufacturers, we can find the right solution, even for the most specialized requirements. We have customers from the medical technology sector, among others. The surfaces of many of the components required here are treated at the same time – for example, anodized, painted or powder-coated. This treatment ensures that the products are flawless and aesthetically pleasing for doctors and patients, which is an essential requirement in this area," explains Lukas Schlicker.

Anodizing is one of the most frequently requested surface treatments at FACTUREE. In addition to anodizing, painting and powder coating, the company enables all other forms of surface coating, for example hard coatings such as hard anodizing or DLC (diamond like carbon), conversion coatings such as chromating, various metallic coatings made of zinc, nickel, chrome, silver or gold as well as zinc-nickel coatings, which are popular in the automotive sector. This means that all requirements for drawing parts can be covered from a single source and time-consuming sourcing processes for purchasers are no longer necessary.