Online manufacturer FACTUREE looks at "The future of parts procurement"

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Why procuring components via online manufacturers leads to lower costs, greater efficiency and more reliable deliveries

Online manufacturer FACTUREE looks at "The future of parts procurement"

Berlin, July 15, 2020 – The manufacturing industry faces heightened competition in the age of globalization and digitalization. Many manufacturing companies deal with the challenge of managing the increasing complexity of products and delivering custom requests at high quality within ever shorter times. In order to meet the requirements, manufacturers are searching for external solutions and opt to purchase production parts. As a state-of-the-art concept of the procurement process, online manufacturing is based on digitalization, automation and networking. Online manufacturer FACTUREE ( takes a look at modern parts procurement in a white paper available at

The parts supplier market currently consists mainly of traditional contract manufacturers who offer third-party production of components as external manufacturing companies. Third-party production is used, for example, when a manufacturing company either has no own production capacity or its capacities are exhausted. However, long-term commitment to a certain supplier may limit the company's flexibility and leads to dependence. Flexibility, a high level of precision, and fast delivery times have become indispensable for the production of custom components. Many manufacturing companies therefore increasingly look for innovative solutions for procuring production parts.

"Especially in times of economic crisis, the disadvantages of traditional procurement processes such as conventional contract manufacturing suddenly come to light. Dependence on suppliers, disruptions in supply chains, and delivery bottlenecks have a significant impact on operations," explains Benjamin Schwab, Head of Marketing & Sales at FACTUREE. 

Online manufacturing network as a crisis-proof procurement concept

The parts supplier market is currently in the midst of significant changes. Especially in the coronavirus crisis, online manufacturing is gaining relevance as a crisis-proof procurement approach. Manufacturing networks can react much more flexibly and reliably to new developments than individual manufacturing companies.

Benjamin Schwab explains, "More and more companies are opting to procure parts via an online manufacturing network to safeguard their own operations. The network guarantees stable procurement processes that are facilitated by the rapid adjustment to the latest circumstances. Needs-based production or supply of components via an online manufacturer opens up new degrees of freedom for manufacturing companies. Customers can efficiently drive their own digital transformation without being affected by capacity bottlenecks and disproportionate personnel involvement."

Berlin-based cwmk GmbH operates under the FACTUREE brand name as an online manufacturer and offers its customers state-of-the-art procurement of production parts. The online manufacturer can ensure free capacities at any time, short response times, and fast deliveries with now more than 500 manufacturing partners with approx. 6000 machines.

Thanks to the huge range of services, even complex requests with varying production techniques and surface treatments can be carried out by a single contract partner. With AI-based supplier matching, the optimal manufacturer can be selected from the network, taking factors such as best quality, fastest delivery time and lowest price into consideration. ISO 9001 certified data-driven quality management ensures high-quality process standards. Orders are delivered after 9-12 working days by express shipment free of charge.

In its white paper "The future of parts procurement," FACTUREE looks at the market, the potential and the reasons why online manufacturing is crisis-proof, high-quality and efficient. It can be downloaded free of charge at

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Profile of FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer:

cwmk GmbH, based in Berlin, operates under the brand name FACTUREE as the first Online Manufacturer. The company pursues the goal of enabling its customers to procure modern production parts through digitization, automation and networking. FACTUREE has an extensive production network of over 500 manufacturing partners from the fields of CNC machining and surface technology. More than 6000 CNC machines are constantly available for projects. All partners are subject to a continuous data-driven quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. In addition to CNC turning and milling, FACTUREE's range of services also includes sheet metal processing and 3D printing. FACTUREE can realize prototyping projects as well as small and large series production. The customer base is located in the most diverse fields such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, model making, robotics, automotive as well as aerospace. Leading industrial companies, SMEs, research institutes and universities are among the customers. FACTUREE is active throughout Europe and has a continuously growing number of customers in other European countries.

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