Supply bottlenecks in industry slow down economic recovery – Online Manufacturing with FACTUREE ensures stable supply chains

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With its large network of production partners, online manufacturer meets requirements flexibly and guarantees stable procurement processes

Supply bottlenecks in industry slow down economic recovery – Online Manufacturing with FACTUREE ensures stable supply chains

Berlin, 19th August 2021 – Industrial production in Germany has slowed significantly. Material shortages and supply bottlenecks could cost the German economy 25 billion euros by the end of the year, according to a recent survey “Significance of supply bottlenecks for ongoing production in Germany” conducted by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW). With Online Manufacturing by FACTUREE ( companies can counteract delays in material procurement and delivery difficulties. The approach facilitates stable procurement processes by rapidly adapting to actual conditions. FACTUREE has a network of more than 1000 production partners and around 8000 machines.

The current empiric analysis by IfW reports that German industry receives many production orders, but there are often shortages of the raw materials needed. Among other things, this can be attributed to delays in global supply chains. Another recent survey from the Ifo Institute for Economic Research shows that the number of companies experiencing problems with upstream deliveries and the ensuing bottlenecks rose from 45 to 63.8 percent between April and July.

Moritz König, CEO of FACTUREE, states: “Nearly two thirds of manufacturing businesses in the country are struggling with material shortages. The coronavirus pandemic in particular has been identified as the trigger of the current difficulties. Supply routes are still heavily affected in many areas – the supply bottlenecks result in significant disruptions to production in many companies in the industrial sector.”

Meeting greatly increased demand for engineered parts

It is not only the supply routes that are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The industrial sector has seen a sharp rise in demand for engineered parts, especially after the lockdowns.

Moritz König says, “The development in engineered parts is leading to full order books for contract manufacturers, but also to faster capacity utilization and there are often not enough free capacities. With our concept, we can compensate for market imbalances. Our production network is better situated to meet increased demands because we are always informed of the capacities of our production partners and can distribute orders. We can thus offer short delivery times even in the current situation and are unconditionally in a position to deliver.”

The FACTUREE network has more than 8000 machines available at all times for projects in the areas of CNC machining, sheet metal processing, 3D printing, and surface technology. All partners are subject to a continuous data-driven, ISO 9001 certified quality management system. Our services include prototyping projects as well as small and large series production.

Moritz König continues, “For every project, FACTUREE uses AI to select the most suitable manufacturer with respect to quality, price, and delivery time. With our approach, the risk of a serious delay is considerably lower than with conventional contract production. As an Online Manufacturing network, we can avoid supply bottlenecks even in difficult times through redeployment and quickly adapt our activities to the situation, while our logistics partners ensure reliable delivery to our customers.”

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Profile of FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer:

cwmk GmbH, based in Berlin, operates under the brand name FACTUREE as the first Online Manufacturer. The company pursues the goal of enabling its customers to procure modern production parts through digitization, automation and networking. FACTUREE has an extensive production network of over 1000 manufacturing partners from the fields of CNC machining, sheet metal production, 3D printing and surface technology. More than 8000 machines are constantly available for projects. All partners are subject to a continuous data-driven quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. FACTUREE can realize prototyping projects as well as small and large series production. The customer base is located in the most diverse fields such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, model making, robotics, automotive as well as aerospace. Leading industrial companies like Siemens and Parker Hannifin, SMEs, research institutes and universities are among the customers. FACTUREE is active throughout Europe and has a continuously growing number of customers in other European countries.

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