FACTUREE shows: Online Manufacturing promotes sustainable procurement

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Online Manufacturing contributes to sustainable processes at various levels

FACTUREE shows: Online Manufacturing promotes sustainable procurement

Berlin, November 8, 2023 – Sustainability is multi-faceted. Among other things, it refers to a company's ability to operate in the long term while assuming social, environmental and economic responsibility. The procurement process also plays a key role here and should be designed to be both stable and sustainable in a number of areas so as to support these goals. The new form of procurement – Online Manufacturing – promotes this, for example by ensuring the more efficient utilization of machine capacities and conserving resources. The Online Manufacturer FACTUREE (www.facturee.de) shows how this works. 

"Procurement today is subject to major challenges and uncertainties. For example, supply chains are susceptible to disruption due to increasing natural disasters, political unrest, or global health crises. Sustainable supply chains are often more diversified and more resilient to disruptions and shocks, as they are usually spread across multiple suppliers and regions. And this is the exact approach that Online Manufacturing supports," explains Benjamin Schwab, Co-Founder and CMO at FACTUREE.

Stable supply chains and pooling of resources through a network

Online Manufacturing follows the network approach. FACTUREE has an extensive production network of around 2,000 manufacturing partners from almost all areas, such as CNC machining, sheet metal processing, 3D printing, casting and forging processes and surface technology. Around 15,000 machines are constantly available for projects. This means that FACTUREE is able to deliver at all times, even in times of crisis. This type of procurement creates a high level of reliability and therefore planning security for customers – two things that support sustainable action and management.

The networking of all participants in the value chain along with simple and short processes for end customers also contribute to sustainability. A procurement platform can bundle purchases from different companies, which offers scaling potential. This can help to optimize transport and reduce emissions. In addition, for example, common sustainability standards and targets can be set for suppliers to make the entire supply chain more sustainable.

Price stability promotes planning security in procurement

The bundling of orders at FACTUREE has another added value for customers: Price advantages. As Benjamin Schwab explains, "we are the price leader in Online Manufacturing. One of the reasons we hold this position is because we purchase large volumes from manufacturers and select the most suitable supplier for the respective order in terms of price, delivery time and quality based on smart algorithms. Furthermore, we do not pass on price increases to our customers. This is a special offer especially in times of rising raw material and energy prices."

If you can rely on stable prices and good conditions, you can plan and operate better in the long term.

Quality for longevity and resource conservation

Another key sustainability factor is quality. High-quality products are more durable and therefore also more sustainable. As they generally need to be replaced or repaired less often, fewer raw materials, energy and labor are required to manufacture new components or products. This leads to a reduction in the ecological footprint. 

Waste is also reduced, as high-quality components help to ensure that the end products have less faults, resulting in a lower rejection rate. In addition, energy consumption and emissions are reduced. 

"At FACTUREE, a continuously data-driven quality management system, which is certified to ISO 9001, checks and guarantees the high quality of the system, process and product. Quality is a factor that plays a major role for us in terms of sustainability," says Benjamin Schwab.

Efficient distribution of capacities 

At a time when resources are becoming increasingly scarce, the efficient allocation of production capacities is also very important. Conventional contract manufacturers can benefit from this by joining the production network of an Online Manufacturer. 

Benjamin Schwab says: "At FACTUREE, reliable manufacturing partners with free capacity regularly receive selected requests that match their respective strengths. When capacity utilization is high, manufacturing networks can serve as an extended workbench for companies. From an economic perspective, Online Manufacturing therefore leads to more efficient utilization of machine capacities and thus prevents market imbalances."

Sustainability is the path to climate neutrality

Sustainability and climate protection are inextricably linked. CO2 offsetting is an important tool for companies in managing their emissions. For them, it is about offsetting unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, among other things. This can also be achieved, for example, by promoting climate-relevant environmental projects through internationally recognized standards. FACTUREE contributes to sustainability through the regular purchase of CO2 certificates and supports international climate protection projects.

More and more buyers in companies are favoring sustainable processes in procurement, be it socially, ecologically or economically. Such a focus can reduce costs in the long term and improve a company's reputation – sustainably.


Profile of FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer:

cwmk GmbH, based in Berlin, operates under the brand name FACTUREE as the first Online Manufacturer. The company pursues the goal of enabling its customers to procure modern production parts through digitization, automation and networking. FACTUREE has an extensive production network of over 1000 manufacturing partners from the fields of CNC machining, sheet metal production, 3D printing, casting, forging, and surface technology. More than 15000 machines are constantly available for projects. All partners are subject to a continuous data-driven quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. FACTUREE can realize prototyping projects as well as small and large series production. The customer base is located in the most diverse fields such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, model making, robotics, automotive as well as aerospace. Leading industrial companies like Siemens and Parker Hannifin, SMEs, research institutes and universities are among the customers. FACTUREE is active throughout Europe and has a continuously growing number of customers in other European countries.

Further information: www.facturee.de

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