Low-cost travel: Berlin-based online manufacturer FACTUREE offers its employees “365-Euro-Ticket”

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Manufacturing network calls for affordable new mobility options and provides employees in Berlin with cost-effective annual season ticket for local public transport system

Low-cost travel: Berlin-based online manufacturer FACTUREE offers its employees “365-Euro-Ticket”

Berlin, February 11th, 2020 The shaping of the mobility of the future continues to gain momentum in 2020. Many people would like to see a socially equitable mobility transition, including for public transport. While the “365-Euro-Ticket” – an annual season ticket that gives users unlimited travel in a particular area for just 1 Euro a day – may support this transition, its suitability for Berlin is currently the subject of controversial discussion. Online manufacturer FACTUREE (www.facturee.de) is setting an example as the first company in Berlin to offer its employees a 365-Euro-Ticket. The aim is to encourage new mobility options, including public transport as an affordable alternative for private individuals.

The 365-Euro-Ticket is an annual season ticket, which, for just 1 Euro per day, gives users unlimited travel in a specific zone of the public transport system. Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller is currently pushing the Federal Ministry of Transport to allow Berlin to participate in a nationwide pilot project trialling this kind of season ticket for bus and train. Austrian capital Vienna is being used as an example for Berlin, having offered a similar season ticket since 2012.

Supporters of the ticket are facing critical opposition, however, with economic aspects among the issues being discussed. For example, the initiative in Vienna did not result in any new customers using the buses and trains – the strategy of developing the transport infrastructure and increasing parking fees, on the other hand, has been considered more successful.

Mobility transition as key element of sustainable urban development

The annual ticket is intended to make public transport more attractive to employees and employers. Employer contributions towards tickets from public transport company Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) became tax-free again at the start of the year, with the BVG additionally subsidising the tickets. And generous employer contributions from Berlin-based online manufacturer FACTUREE allow its employees to benefit from tickets costing just 1 Euro per day (365 Euros per year).

With this scheme, FACTUREE is actively leading the way and hopes to motivate other companies to do the same. “The mobility of the future should be affordable, appropriate for the city and climate-friendly. While politicians and experts are still talking, we’re already implementing the 365-Euro-Ticket idea on a small scale”, says Benjamin Schwab, Head of Marketing & Sales at cwmk GmbH (FACTUREE).

Online manufacturer FACTUREE is the first ISO 9001-certified manufacturing network for turned and milled parts, which explains its focus on quality and sustainability. “We implement sustainable developments and processes when it comes to both our services and our actions as a company. For example, we’ve been offsetting all our shipping CO2 emissions since 2018. Climate-neutral shipping is just one element of our sustainability strategy which helps us to make an important contribution to the future of the German economy and society”, explains Benjamin Schwab.

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Profile of FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer:

cwmk GmbH, based in Berlin, operates under the brand name FACTUREE as the first Online Manufacturer. The company pursues the goal of enabling its customers to procure modern production parts through digitization, automation and networking. FACTUREE has an extensive production network of over 500 manufacturing partners from the fields of CNC machining and surface technology. More than 6000 CNC machines are constantly available for projects. All partners are subject to a continuous data-driven quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. In addition to CNC turning and milling, FACTUREE's range of services also includes sheet metal processing and 3D printing. FACTUREE can realize prototyping projects as well as small and large series production. The customer base is located in the most diverse fields such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, model making, robotics, automotive as well as aerospace. Leading industrial companies, SMEs, research institutes and universities are among the customers. FACTUREE is active throughout Europe and has a continuously growing number of customers in other European countries.

Further information: www.facturee.de