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Xenamnoy 1

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Consistent CO2 compensation since the company was founded

Ever since the Corona virus has been occupying all news channels, a different, no less important topic has gone rather quiet. The climate crisis, it seems, has been resolved since March 2020, at least in the media. Even if the current lack of interest in the media says otherwise, the climate crisis is by no means over. On the contrary, emissions of greenhouse gases are rising almost unchecked worldwide - and are continuing to change our climate on Earth.

For us as a company, the protection of the environment and the preservation of livable conditions for future generations have been at the top of our internal agenda since our company was founded in 2017. As a building block for maximum climate neutrality, we have, for example, been compensating for all CO2 emissions generated by shipping since 2017 by purchasing certificates from our partner South Pole. In 2019 alone, we purchased a total of 1,128 certificates generated by the Xenamnoy Hydropower Plant Project in Laos. 1,128 certificates are equivalent to offsetting 1,128 tons of CO2 - which not only offsets the emissions generated by our shipments. In fact, they are significantly overcompensated for.

Laos aerial view

The Xenamnoy Hydropower Plant Project

Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia and has about 7 million inhabitants on an area of 236,800 km². In Laos, as almost everywhere else in Asia, the demand for electricity is continuously increasing. Due to its location, the country has enormous potential for energy production through hydropower. Unfortunately, the country currently lacks the necessary economic resources to provide clean energy nationwide. Currently, the inhabitants of Laos cover their energy needs by using firewood. This not only leads to increased CO2 emissions, but also contributes significantly to the decline of the unique tropical forests in the region. Tropical forests, however, are the "green lungs" of our planet - their disappearance is further fueling climate change.

With the Xenamnoy Hydropower Plant Project, the immense hydropower potential of Laos is now being used to supply rural communities in particular with clean electricity from renewable energy sources. The power plant uses the natural power of running water to generate electricity. The total capacity of 14.8 MW is used to feed electricity into local power grids.

Since the start of the project, considerably less firewood has been used for energy production. The forests and vegetation in Laos are slowly but steadily recovering. This alone is a real reason for joy - but the project achieves much more! The hydroelectric power plant contributes directly to sustainable development on site by upgrading the infrastructure, implementing a water supply program for the local population and, last but not least, by creating jobs. At present, 23 jobs have been created for the local population, which is noticeably boosting the economy in the region. And to back up this success with hard numbers: 48,000 tons of CO2 are saved annually if water is used instead of firewood for energy production.

The Xenamnoy 1 project is Gold Standard certified, which is only awarded to projects that are proven to reduce greenhouse gases while being good for the local environment and social concerns of the population.

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Umspannwerk in Laos

South Pole: Climate protection for all

South Pole has set itself the goal of helping companies and governments to achieve the climate targets they have set - and thus help to limit global warming to the urgently needed 2° Celsius. To achieve this goal, South Pole brings together over 350 social entrepreneurs to accelerate the transformation to a climate-friendly society. Since its foundation in 2006 by five young entrepreneurs and graduates of the University of ETH Zurich, South Pole has grown to more than 250 employees. Offices on all continents are the starting point for interdisciplinarily trained sustainability experts who coordinate global, sustainable emissions trading and implement ecological projects all over the world with appropriate partners.

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